About twenty different flavours and spices in practical flasks and flavoursaving packets, which bring us around the world in a tour of tastes. Starting from the classic varieties of pepper (black, green, white, etc.) in order to switch to aromatic herbs, typical of Mediterranean cuisine, such as oregano, sage, parsley and rosemary, and finally get up to the powders and spices from farthest lands, such as curry, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, which give the dishes stimulating, exotic and enveloping notes.

Le spezie

To preserve the flavour and aroma, you will find each spice in an elegant transparent box with a spreader cap. This is so useful to use and nice to see that it can be displayed on the kitchen shelves or brought directly to the table to give the last unmistakable touch to every dish.

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Our customers are increasingly attentive to the environment and sustainable management of resources, just like in our opinion, to throw away empty boxes is a pity and a useless waste… Better to reuse them! We can minimize waste thanks to the refills, which allow you to fill up your favourite aromas and spices.

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