Lettera R affiancata a sinistra da delle foglie stilizzate e a destra da dei grani di pepe stilizzati. In basso scritta re di spezie in maiuscolo

The most natural way to enhance the taste of your favourite dishes

“Just a spoonful of”

The immortal trick of Mary Poppins can also work for cooking: it usually doesn’t take much, a pinch, a sprinkling, a few drops of the right ingredient to make you recipe special. In this way, tasting a dish can become a sensorial experience, which involves not only the mouth but also sight and smell. A travel which brings us elsewhere evoking moments of the past and remote atmospheres, amazing us with new combinations. This is the philosophy of Re di Spezie, a new brand of herbs and flavours that gives an additional twist to each sweet or salty dish.

Le spezie

About twenty different flavours and spices in practical flasks and flavoursaving packets, which bring us around the world in a tour of tastes.

Le salature

Less salt, more taste: this is the aim of the new herbs and flavours mixture, made to enhance the taste of meat, fish and vegetables and to reduce the use of salt.

Le delizie

An explosion of colour and sweetness, rigorously made in Italy, to enrich and make even more appetizing every dessert.

More taste in our life

The range includes three products lines: the first one, named after the brand, offers a wide choice of spices, aromatic herbs and powders from all over the world. Le Salutare (Salting) line includes instead 8 mixtures of salts, herbs and flavours to season meet, fish and vegetables, reducing the use of salt. Le Delizie (Sweet delights) line, eventually, encloses the most delicious side of the brand, within candied fruit, sugar flowers, flavours and cake decorations.

A varied selection, therefore, with very different products: some of them come from miles away, taking exotic feels; others are made in Italy or characterised by the Mediterranean essence in the DNA. All of them share a common feature: they are cultivated, harvested and selected with care, to give culinary emotions!